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Langley Apartments

17th Annual Foodbank Drive!

We are gearing up at Ratzlaff & Co. for our 17th Annual Christmas Foodbank Drive!

Each year we give our residents chances to win rent credits buy collecting donations, both food and monetary, to the local food bank, this is our way of giving back to our residents while giving to our community!

In addition, we MATCH all contributions from ALL properties. This means that for every $100 donated in money or food items, we will add another $100 cash donation, resulting in $200 to your local Food Bank.

Through our collected efforts last year, a total of $8,670 and 54 boxes of food was raisedĀ for the 3 local food banks!

A total of $2,670 came from our generous residents, and $6,000 coming from Ratzlaff & Co. In addition, approximately 54 boxes of food items were also sent out last December to our local food banks.